kizlik zari dikimi dr ebru unal
The hymen, which is located at the entrance of the vagina, is a membrane which is attached to the vaginal wall fold. In contrast to the imagined it is located just inside the labia minus or the inner labia and is part of the external genitalia. So it is not in the middle or deep in the vagina.In girls with normal physiological structure it is very rare that this tissue is closed or covers the vagina like a screen. The hymen is not likely to be torn or disrupted without intercourse. Consequently, events like a fall in the bathroom, falling off a bicycle or falling on the edge of something, scratching or inserting a finger will not rupture or tear the hymen.

Due to slight abrasions, bleeding and loss of the original integrity of the hymen may occur in approximately 70% of the women during the first intercourse. On the other hand it is normal for some women to never experience bleeding during their first intercourse. These women will naturally never experience bleeding in any future intercourse.

The hymen repair process is not an operation taught to physicians during their academic career. The reason for this is that the lack of an intact hymen is not a disease. However, by popular demand from the public, physicians feel the need to learn this procedure and after completing their residency will pick up knowledge from other physicians which have heard about it from other colleagues.

Actually, the technique to obtain bleeding during the first intercourse is not very complex. However, to guarantee bleeding during the first intercourse physicians over repair the tissue, trying to make permanent repairs or narrow the vaginal entrance to assure bleeding. I have had patients come to me for an exam after having their hymen falsely repaired by these physicians just to make sure that there will be bleeding during their first intercourse. It’s obvious that many of these physicians do not know how to correctly apply this procedure. Therefore, a plastic surgeon friend and I developed a lasting hymen repair procedure that we are presenting to help educate both the physicians and the women which will undergo this operation. In creating this video I wish it to be useful in the decision process for both the patient and the physician.