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An Educational Video Revealing a Lasting Hymenoplasty Procedure (Hymen Repair Surgery) 

Developed by a Gynecologist and a Plastic Surgeon 

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Why You Should Purchase This Hymenoplasty Video!

For Physicians: This video demonstrates the correct way to apply our hymenoplasty procedure so you can perform this proven technique with confidence. You will discover that the hymenoplasty procedure is not complex, can be implemented easily and there is no need for any frustration. A high level of success guarantees bleeding during the first intercourse, so you can assure your patients about the result.

For Women: You will be revealed the correct way of the hymen repair surgery, so you can be aware of the right process you will go through if you decide to have a hymenopasty surgery.

To Watch The Correct Application of the Hymenoplasty Procedure Watch the Video Below.

Hymenoplasty post op image thm

About Us

As two Doctors living in Turkey, we realized that the repair of a hymen could mean life and a future for some women. Many women that come to us want a lasting hymen repair and wish to feel like a virgin again.The hymen is a thin tissue and thus the healing of the wound is as important as the surgical technique.

We have performed the surgical method presented in this video on more than 100 women and achieved a 100% success rate. With a combined 10 years of OB/GYN and over 30 years of plastic surgery experience, we have developed this surgical method.

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